“It’s pop music but one from some alien civilization that isn’t inundated with bad examples of how it should sound”

 – Queen City Sounds and Art

   Possimiste is a lucid dreamer who brings songs into this world from other galactic dimensions she visits.This explains why listening to her music feels like walking on the borderline between two parallel realities : it sounds extraterrestrially magical but yet so heart-warmingly human and grounding at the same time.


Since she was little POSSIMISTE has felt that songs came to her from “some ethereal space” and that home is somewhere far-far away.  this all made her dive deep into these mysterious matters with the help of the whimsical batbird symbol she paints to open the gate to these mysterious worlds.

Possimiste’s debut album “Youniverse” was released in summer 2021 and has brought the artist numerous awards, such as best female act  at "x977 sykurmolinn 2020", european emerging Band 2021 winner, and has been named as the album of the year by musica islandese italia.

“Possimiste is one of the best pop prominencies popped out from the Estonian underground scene in 10s” – RECENT MUSIC HEROES


“I can say for certain that I haven’t been this excited about a new artist since the first time I heard Emilie Simon five years ago. My gut tells me Possimiste has a lot to offer us and I, for one, cannot wait to see where she goes from here. “- THE INDIE HANDBOOK 


“Since discovering this extremely talented 19-year-old, I haven’t been able to stop listening to her music. It’s so unique and unconventional, yet so terribly hard to explain.” – BOOKS AND BLUEBERRIES 

“You’ll be someone like Alice being dragged into an otherworldly bliss.” – GHOST FM 

“The talent and intricacy is unmistakable” – SOUNDS BETTER WITH REVERB 

“Possimiste’s sound is everything I hope to hear when I hit play on a new track from an up and coming artist.” 

   – Amelia Vandergast (AnR FACTORY)