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Hello from the other side of the galaxy from a place I call the "Purple planet"! It has been a long time. It is such a wonderful place where time runs much slower than on Earth and every matter is wrapped in a stellar cocoon. I have little-by little started to remember how I got here. I remember the feeling, and how it all started but the parts of the journey are still a bit blurry. Yet, every night brings me a new piece of the story that I will be ready to tell you soon through Music. 

The place I am at is wonderful. I can see other planets and  travelers passing by.  I still haven't managed to find a way to reachthem but nothing is more fascinating than having dreams you can see ahead of you. So many adventures. So many stories to be born. So many things to learn. So many things to share with you!


DATE ON EARTH : 1 11 2023

PLACE: Purple planet

Possimiste's Next Scene on 1-11-23 at 7_
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